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Here are the most common frequently asked questions that I get. Please send me an email with any other questions or concerns.

How is Yoga Therapy different from regular yoga classes and other treatment programs? 

This is the only program, to my knowledge that has breadth and depth that truly adopts a biopsychosocial approach to healing that is specific to your needs. Rather than taking a reductionist approach and focusing on only one piece of you – we take a whole person approach to healing. I will teach you the skills and tools and take control of your healing process. Yoga Therapy is also the only program that focuses specifically on your nervous systems needs. Your nervous system is running the show behind the scenes and we are mostly unaware of its impact. To resolve pain long term, the nervous system needs to learn how to function appropriately in order for issues to resolve.

What can I expect?

Once you decide you are ready to begin, I will send you an intake package that you fill out and return to me. In the initial session, we will discuss the outcomes you would like to achieve and start with an evaluation and assessment (I also do this on an ongoing basis to measure and track progress). Depending on what you need we may explore gentle movement, breathing practices, stillness, guided meditation, and other awareness building practices. We work at your pace and ability. Together we will design your home practice and you may receive some reflection practices for follow up. You will receive a video and written summary of your home practice. You will also have access to me between sessions to answer questions or concerns as they come up. 

How long does it take?

It depends. There is no timeline for healing. Healing does not happen on a linear path. Sometimes healing can be fast or it can be slow and it can happen in unexpected ways. Events can happen that may seem to stall or slow down the healing process. It might feel like a set back. You will learn to identify how your capacity for healing changes through the ebb and flow of life. The truth is, your body is adaptable and resilient. As you progress, your baseline moves up, the gap between where you started and where you want to go gets smaller. So if something happens that feels like set back, know that not all is lost. This is a normal part of the process. 

Why do I start off with 6 sessions?

Committing to a series of sessions invites you to come into a relationship with me and with yourself. We are able to move beyond the tip of the iceberg through establishing meaningful, authentic connection through co-creation and mutual support. You also start to come into relationship with your own patterns, movement, wellness, connection, and relationships. The process creates consistency and helps you get the results that you want with the support and guidance that you need. This means resolving the underlying issues related to why the pain is arising in the first place. This takes time and commitment. I am here to provide support and guidance through honest, trusting, supportive relationships.

Why yoga therapy?

There are many healing modalities to choose from that may be helpful. I suspect you are reading this because you have only been getting temporary pain relief. Yoga therapy takes a completely integrated approach that takes into the consideration the body, mind, emotions, spirit, environments, relationships, thoughts, beliefs. Every human being is unique and their approach to healing needs to be unique to the individual as well. Your story matters. Your body communicates with you through sensation and symptoms – and when you learn how to feel them and recognize them, you have control to reduce your pain and suffering. 

Yoga therapy operates on the premise that pain can change regardless to your situation. I have witnessed over and over again that healing is possible. 

Is it covered by insurance?

Yoga therapy is not currently covered by insurance. Talk to your insurance provider to see if you have extended benefits. M.V.A. clients can typically get reimbursement, talk to your lawyer. In my experience and the experiences of my clients, the value you receive far surpasses the monetary cost of ongoing treatments (costs of various treatments/products, medicine, travel costs stretched over the long term). 

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