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Small group yoga classes are slow paced and gentle, intentionally designed for any age and ability. We explore movement and breath in ways that reveal your unique movement patterns and learn to move in ways that use your energy more efficiently. Mindful movement creates more ease as we improve mobility, stability and strength. 

Private yoga therapy classes are the fastest and most effective way to resolve the underlying issues related to pain. Together we laser focus on your specific needs so you aren't left feeling "am I doing this right?"  and you can start to experience progress quickly.

Self-guided yoga therapy programs are designed to guide you towards the freedom to live your life to its fullest. Begin to resolve symptoms that leave you feeling stuck in a cycle of recurring pain with pre-recorded sessions you can come back to again and again. 

"I realize the other aspect that Lindsay does so well is her ability to create a safe space, a calm space, to ease the rising tension and anxiety that threatened to overwhelm me during the beginning of this crisis."

Ida Jagaric , Toronto

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